Follow along to an actual play dungeons and dragons podcast where the players look for clues and hunt for a secret foe that makes devious plots within the city of Orinthal. Join the party as they attempt to uncover the machinations of a powerful and sinister organization from accomplishing whatever their goals may be. All the while they must face the ghosts and ghouls of their past. Follow us every other week as we mostly follow the rules as written and the majority of the party utilizes the “raw” elements of Unearthed Arcana material!


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Rumble Squad #!: Rumble Squad Meets

Here is the introduction to one of our two groups for our new campaign. Meet the Rumble Squad: Elean Foxe, the human barbarian-druid. Orik Fireforge, the dwarven cleric. Nissa Turen, the gnome rogue. Luven Cromdel, Read more…


Rules: Jarlaxle

This episode we discussed another character from the Drizzt Series, Jarlaxle D’aerthe, and his very, very impressive arsenal of magical items. Not to mention all of the swagger to match the magic items he possesses. We are Read more…

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