Meet the Team

We're a party of six friends who love to play Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition! We started our podcast, DnD RAW, because we love the game, having fun with each other, and we can't resist developing a compelling narrative. Even when we aren't rolling our dice around the gaming table, we're often discussing the DnD Rules as Written (RAW) in our endless quest to push the game to its limits. Our podcast's current campaign, Orinthal, also allows us to explore "raw" content as we try out new class archetypes from the Unearthed Arcana. Join us for a new episode every other Monday in our homebrewed world of Austea. Uncover the secrets of the Cataclysm!

Tony Aguad


Tony is our fearless Dungeon Master (DM), most glorious voice actor, and obligatory lawful good buddy (until you get him behind the DM screen). Tony is the most successful as disguising his geekiness from society, until now.


Bethany Aguad

Web Admin, Social Media Manager, and Player

Bethany is our self-described crazy cat lady with a knack for playing confident characters. Do not underestimate her persuasiveness, for she WILL have the last blackberry. (Follow us on Twitter @RulesAsWritten for this and other inside jokes!)


Rachael Swertfeger

Social Media Contributor and Player

Rachael is our spunky renaissance woman who carries the party in terms of visual arts proficiency. We theorize that some of her colorful, elaborate hairstyles are high-level illusions.


Nick Ducharme

Social Media Contributor and Player

Nick is our endearingly awkward sweet-tooth with an undying love for critical hits. He has advantage on all stealth rolls, provided that they are well-meaning and unintentional...which happens often.


Adam Kachelein


Adam is our passionate metal dice enthusiast who is rarely seen without a beanie equipped. His war cries tend to strike fear into the hearts of his enemies and mirth into ours.


Chris Swertfeger


Chris is our whimsical dad joke extraordinaire who always brings a fresh angle to his roleplaying. Seriously, he deals 1d4 fire damage per pun. ...Because they burn. 😉

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