Changes to Our Unearthed Arcana Classes in Xanathar’s Guide

Three of the Unearthed Arcana classes that our players use in DnD RAW are now official in Xanathar’s Guide to Everything. For those who are interested in the mechanics of our Unearthed Arcana classes, we wanted to share with you all how the originals stack up to the final versions in the Xanathar’s Guide. There have been a few changes that we won’t be making to our existing characters in the podcast, but we wanted to highlight here. We included the links to the character sheet we are using, so you can get an idea of what they are able to do in the Unearthed Arcana version.

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Way of the Kensei Monk

  • Syldan Iaam – Elf Way of the Kensei Monk
  • In regards to Syldan the only main differences are that each aspect of the Path of the Kensei has a name such as Kensei Weapons, Agile Parry, Kensei’s Shot, and Way of the Brush.
  • The Way of the Brush is the only big difference where Syldan would gain proficiency in either calligrapher’s supplies or painter’s supplies.
  • Other differences to this class include under Sharpen the Blade it specifically states that ki points used to enhance the attack and damage bonus of a kensei weapon does not work on a magic weapon that already has a bonus to attack and damage.

Domain of the Grave Cleric

  • Kalima – Half-elf Domain of the Grave Cleric
  • In regards to Kalima, the Circle of Mortality grants a 30ft range bonus to spare the dying cast by her and it specifically states that it does not count against cantrips known.
  • Eyes of the Grave is now an action rather than one minute. Also it now only extends only to 60ft for creatures not behind total cover or protected by divination magic. Previously it extended a mile in all directions and told the number, distance, and direction of undead as well as what type of undead it was that had the highest CR. It now can be used a number of times equal to Wis mod before a long rest whereas before it could only be used once per long rest.
  • Channel Divinity Path of the Grave now has a range of 30ft when it first was touch. It still gains vulnerability to the damage of the next attack that hits it and doesn’t say anything about resistance or immunity which implies that the creature loses those for this one attack.
  • Other differences include the ability Sentinel at Death’s Door now can be used a number of times equal to the player’s charisma mod instead of once but now can only recharge on a long rest instead of a short/long rest.
  • There is now Potent Spellcasting instead of Divine Strike. Previously you could add 1d8 necrotic damage to a weapon attack once per turn and it increased to 2d8 damage at 14th level. Now instead you can add your Wis mod to the damage of any cleric cantrip.
  • Keeper of Souls increased its range from 30ft to 60ft but everything else about this ability remain the same such as the use of once per round and can heal yourself or an ally of your choice within 60ft by the number of HD the enemy had.

Inquisitive Rogue

  • Torr – Dwarf Inquisitive Rogue
  • Ear for Deceit is now just more concisely worded and much easier to understand.
  • Eye for Detail is the same and allows the player to use a bonus action to Perceive hidden enemies or Investigate to uncover clues.
  • Insightful Fighting has now changed so you still make a bonus action Insight versus the opponents Deception. On a success now you can add your sneak attack damage even if there are other enemies within 5ft of the target. However, now you cannot get Sneak Attack damage if you have disadvantage on the target unlike the previous version.
  • Steady Eye (non Torr) Now this ability gives you advantage on Perception checks and Investigation checks as long as you only move half your speed on your turn whereas before you could not move on your turn and only had advantage on Perception checks.
  • Unerring Eye this ability now requires an action to use and you are also now limited in using it to a number of times equal to your Wis mod per Long Rest.
  • Eye for Weakness this ability now adds 3d6 instead of 2d6 to Sneak Attack damage done to a creature that is under the Insightful Fighting feature.

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