D&D Character Lab

Do you love building new characters? Do you find yourself arguing with friends, family, and random strangers that your beloved creation is the best? Then you should check out the D&D Character Lab! Garin and Dan create a new character for each episode of their podcast and then debate to see who is the better character. They use a terrifically scientific scoring system mixed with healthy debate to pick the winner. They also share all of their fabulous creations for you to enjoy!

We recently connected with Garin and Dan on Twitter after realizing that we are all located in Orlando. With some trepidation, we set up time to meet with them. Would they be cool? Would they think we were cool? Were we overthinking? We met up at local haunt Gods and Monsters, where we were thrilled to find that not only do both Garin and Dan love D&D as much as we do, they are fun to hang out with. Check out D&D Character Lab so you can get to know them too!

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