Hiatus Announcement

Hey everyone,


We just wanted to inform you that due to some health issues that have come up, we will be taking a hiatus from the podcast throughout December and most likely throughout January. As of right now our intention is to return to releasing content in February of next year. We will be pausing our Patreon pledges for December and January since we cannot guarantee we will be able to release any content during this time. We want to thank everyone for their continued support for our shows, it really does mean so much to us.


Once our hiatus is over we will be picking up where Sharpened Quill and Rumble Squad left off. Sharpened Quill will be entering the city of Holimion to learn more about the gods’ disappearances only to find themselves entangled in a terrible crime. Rumble Squad meanwhile will be learning more about the Thessun Kingdom as they try and learn how and why they were teleported all the way across the continent. We will also plan to release more NPC stories including that of the Loreena Buckton-Rein, Queen of the Vremor Empire. Thar Denholm, the illusionist trickster that Rumble Squad ran out of town, and Adriel Elervir, Orik’s protege.


Thank you again for continuing to join us on our adventures and though for now we are taking a break from the podcast, we do look forward to seeing you all next time in the world of Austea.