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Recent Posts

  • Rules: Errata
    Don’t feel like going through the errata that Wizards of the Coast just released? We have done it for you! Monster Manual Player’s Handbook Dungeon Master’s Guide Follow us on twitter […]
  • Rumble Squad #7: Insult to Injury
    The party meets the sinister spellweaver who leaves them to fend off his hobgoblin minions.   Follow us on Twitter @RulesAsWritten or email us at We’d also love to hear from you! […]
  • Serviceable Plots #7: Documentation for the Win
    Belinda and Scriv try to puzzle through the mysterious prophecy, and the academy provides some helpful magic items. Valen and Akiva see the sights in Ahmiran and acquire some fun, definitely not […]
  • Rumble Squad #6: Stealth Mule
    A mysterious tiger watches the squad as the make their way through the forest to find Egos. Elean organizes a crucial river crossing. Everyone, including anvil, goes into stealth mode as the party […]
  • Rules: Rules and Rules Lawyers
    Rules as written on rules! Our friend Ross from Dice for Brains joins us for a meta episode where we discuss the role of rules in DnD fifth edition. From being a recovering rules lawyer to handling […]
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