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  • Serviceable Plots #5: Deities in Turmoil
    After defending the port from an undead attack, the party gets a much needed drink at a tavern. Belinda and Valen share their fears about their missing deities. Akiva tries to look on the bright […]
  • Rumble Squad #4: Not Your Performing Monkey
    The squad tests their skill at carnival games and show of their fancy dance moves. After having a bit too much to drink, they make some new friends in town and finally get a lead on their missing […]
  • Jarlaxle part 2: Dragon Heist Review
    Here is our review of Waterdeep Dragon Heist, which I mainly use as an excuse to continue the discussion on my favorite character in the Forgotten Realms, Jarlaxle! I discuss what I like from the […]
  • Rules: Spellcasting
    Today we go over spellcasting and all of the complicating factors involved. What are your thoughts on using components vs an arcane focus? Do you ever have issues remembering the difference between […]
  • Serviceable Plots #4: Bring out your Undead
    Ahmiran falls under attack from mysterious undead and the party leaps into action to save the city! Scriv coordinates a rescue, Akiva runs for the leader, Belinda targets the leader, and Valen shows […]
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