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Recent Posts

  • Rumble Squad #6: Stealth Mule
    A mysterious tiger watches the squad as the make their way through the forest to find Egos. Elean organizes a crucial river crossing. Everyone, including anvil, goes into stealth mode as the party […]
  • Rules: Rules and Rules Lawyers
    Rules as written on rules! Our friend Ross from Dice for Brains joins us for a meta episode where we discuss the role of rules in DnD fifth edition. From being a recovering rules lawyer to handling […]
  • Serviceable Plots #6 – I’m Takin’ Your Bacon
    Akiva wakes up from his nightmare to get advice from Valen, but fails to hide his distress from Belinda. The party gathers around to eat bacon and plan their next steps, before Belinda and Scriv get […]
  • Rumble Squad #5: Nothing Wrong with Snooping
    Luven shares his shock at the mysterious person who disappeared in front of the alchemy shop, while Nissa defends snooping. Orik teaches his new apprentice how to smith, and Elaine uses her knowledge […]
  • Serviceable Plots #5: Deities in Turmoil
    After defending the port from an undead attack, the party gets a much needed drink at a tavern. Belinda and Valen share their fears about their missing deities. Akiva tries to look on the bright […]
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