Meet Daryll

Meet Daryll, the Human Evocation Wizard, as he goes through his day at Zoxiara’s Academy of the Arcane. Follow along as he learns of his instructor’s disappearance and begins his journey to find those who have acted strangely before disappearing entirely. Learn more about his past on ourĀ backstories page.

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Daryll Mavis

Daryll began his life as a street urchin. One day while trying his skill as a cutpurse, Daryll attempted to rob what he thought was an unsuspecting half-elf, but turned out to be the arch wizard of the local wizard academy, Zoxiara. She took pity on the boy and allowed him to work as a cleaning staff for the academy. Despite the chasm in social standing, Zoxiara was always kind to Daryll. He came to think of her as a mother figure, as he never got to know his birth parents.

Eventually Daryll worked his way up the ranks, devoting himself to the study of magic. He took a liking in particular to the school of Evocation. Spells that manipulate energy, creating something from nothing, struck a chord with him. The power to cure wounds was also the same to create a ball of immolating destruction.

During the events of the Cataclysm, Daryll was tasked with keeping watch over the academy with other students. He wanted to be on the front lines to protect his fellow students, but Zoxiara insisted he stay behind. It was at this time that Zoxiara gave Daryll her figurine of wondrous power, an Onyx Dog name Ebrath. She said that in her youth she adventured with Ebrath, finding new magical secrets, and that she hoped he would protect Daryll now.

Unfortunately, Zoxiara never came back from the Cataclysm. Daryll never learned the circumstances of her end. He now continues his studies, under the tutelage of Noah Lightglide, in the hopes that one day he can live up to his old mentor’s expectations.

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