Meet Kalima

Meet Kalima, the Half-elf Cleric of the Grave Domain, as she escorts the ambassador of the far off lands of the Nephenee. It is not long before Kalima finds herself out of place among the extravagant luxuries of the Adamantine Palace. Follow her story as her aid as a cleric of Kelemvor is eventually requested and shortly thereafter she learns of the strange disappearances that have plagued the poorer districts lately. Along with news of the return of an old friend long thought dead. Learn more about her past on our backstories page.

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Kalima was born an only child. Her mother had a few miscarriages but rarely spoke of them. Her father always doted on her, wanting her to marry a knight in shining armor, but Kalima wanted to be the knight in shining armor. When she was old enough, she took up arms and joined the military. To appease her mother and be in relative “safety,” she joined as a medic in hope she could gain her parents’ approval for her choices. During the war, Kalima really only wanted to smite the undead and survive, not really aiming to rise in the ranks or gain any glory. She was not out to be a hero, just doing her duty.

Her unit was called into the rotation for the front lines of the war and on the third day of fighting, her commander fell, grievously wounded. Kalima was near enough to hear her commander instruct another medic to burn her. Kalima stopped him from doing as commanded thinking she could save her commander. She disobeyed the order and procedure. Kalima stopped fighting and attempted to heal her commander, but it was too late. Her unit was overrun and many of them were killed in the onslaught. Only Kalima and two others retreated behind enemy lines, but one was badly injured and died shortly after. It was a hard blow for her and the rest of the forces that day. The other man with her unit that had survived the initial defeat, Mellekah, returned to the front lines and was later killed, taking with him the knowledge of what she had done.

Unknown to the rest of the company, her commander was carrying several vital maps. As she later found out, those maps fell into enemy hands. Several weeks later, carefully laid battle plans lead to a crushing loss, after a brutal ambush. Had Kalmia not stopped the other medic from following orders, the maps would not have been discovered and used against them.

After the blows of her time on the front line, Kalima decided to fall back in the ranks and focus on healing the wounded. She decided it was too dangerous and painful to try to fight and heal and that she needed to choose one path or the other. She decided to fall in line with the healers, keep her head down, and obey orders.

After the war, she was selected as being the last survivor of several attacks to be part of the contingent of ambassadors from Meliamne. She did not really want any of the glory but her new commander told her she had earned it, though he did not know what happened on the field that fateful day.

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