Meet Sarya

Meet Sarya, the Aasimar Order of the Immortal Mystic, as she traverses the city of Orinthal looking for answers into her past and her unique powers. Our hero finds herself caught up in a mystery as she learns of a woman she has helped has suddenly gone missing learning others have disappeared as well. Follow her story as she begins to look deeper into these mysterious disappearances and find out more about her past on our backstories page.

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Sarya has never known a normal life. She was born in seclusion within a small conclave to the north of the city of Orinthal. Never knowing her parents, Fulmar Viriana raised her with the strictest discipline to achieve her full potential. The elf was Sarya’s mentor, surrogate parent, and only companion, keeping her in seclusion.

Fulmar trained Sarya as a fighter, spurning all magic, to achieve physical perfection. To improve her mind, she read extensively on nearly all subjects. Whenever she tried to question the ultimate goal of this training, Sarya was met with rebukes and punishment from Fulmar. Sarya occasionally caught glimpses of a blue, female dragonborn, known only to her as the “Watcher” who she was convinced was privy to the true purpose of everything.

Fulmar generally treated her well, but without kindness, rather like a prized animal. Sarya determined to escape her cloistered life, but wanted to bide her time until she was certain of success. In her early teens, Sarya discovered she was an aasimar, as her angelic powers manifested themselves, allowing her to heal and even fly.

Soon after, Sarya began experiencing what she believed were visions, snippets of the thoughts of others. Fulmar’s disdain was a constant theme in her recurring nightmares. Eventually, she began to experience these perceptions within her waking hours as well. Without understanding the source of her knowledge, Sarya believed she was developing some kind of mental powers.

As her training with Fulmar progressed, Sarya sensed a growing disappointment from her. While Sarya was capable of overcoming nearly all challenges she faced, her strength failed to meet with Fulmar’s expectations. One day, she suddenly became aware of Fulmar’s memories of a conversation with a mysterious person known only as the “Overseer” who called for Sarya’s termination. Wasting no time, Sarya made her escape, slipping away from the conclave, and making her way to the renowned city of Orinthal.

Here she learned of Zoxiara’s Academy of the Arcane, a beacon of hope for wizards, researchers, and the lost. Over the course of the last years of the Cataclysm, Sarya spent her time researching to learn more of her newfound powers and helping those who were suffering under the constant war.

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