Meet Syldan

Meet Syldan, the Wood Elf Order of the Kensai Monk, as he works closely with the royal guards to protect important figures while remaining hidden in a crowd. It is not long before this far traveler, with his desire to protect those few young monks that are entrusted to his care, causes him to become entangled in the strange disappearances that have occurred in the city lately. Follow Syldan as he discovers the death of his former master was not all that it appeared to be. Learn more about his past on our backstories page.

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Syldan Iaam

Syldan Iaam and his parents Nordan and Bryrie were traveling artists from Isentheas, a far off land beyond the Rugorim Woods, who wandered the world learning new forms of art. As long as Syldan could remember, they had always been on the road. Then one day around the time Syldan was twenty-five, while traveling near Orinthal, heading to Nephenee, they were attacked by bandits. They would have died, but their lives were saved by a traveling monk named Berel. Immediately awed by the monk’s skill in combat, Syldan begged his parents to allow him to go study with the monk. Being free spirits by nature, they gave him their blessing, so long as they always knew where to find him. Berel told them that his monastery was near the capital city of Orinthal. So Syldan told them that he would always be either in the monastery or the city.

Syldan studied with the monks for about twenty years, under Berel who just so happened to be the headmaster of the Monastery of Qacaos. The first ten years of his training were hard but his progress was smooth and Syldan enjoyed his training, specifically Berel’s teaching. However as the looming threat of ghouls and dragons kept growing, many in the monastery were called to action, as an order well-trained in combat. This slowed Syldan’s training significantly. Eventually even he was sent out with a battalion of younger monks to help fight in the conflict.

While fighting with his battalion, news reached Syldan’s ears that Qacaos had been attacked. Rushing home as quickly as he could, he found the monastery had been wiped out by a dragon attack. There he found Berel dead, holding the ancient weapon of their order. Hence the responsibility of rebuilding the order as well as looking after the younger monks was thrust onto Syldan.

In the time since the conflict, Syldan was working as a member of the City Watch. Uniquely trained in combat, yet never wearing armor, Syldan was easily able to blend into crowds, making him a valuable asset to the Watch. The money he made from working, he sent back to the monastery to help with the efforts to rebuild.

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