Meet Torr

Meet Torr, the Dwarf Inquistive Rogue as he is hired to solve a mystery, a job that excites him far more than the clean-up jobs that he has been dealing of late. Assisting his innkeeper in finding her assistant, follow along as Torr explores the ruined streets of the Ankhalab Heights District searching for any clues that will lead him not only to the missing people but also to find those who helped to ruin his life. Find out more about his past on ourĀ backstories page.

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Torr (Rurik Meldwall)

Torr was born as Rurik Meldwall to a respected dwarven clan of the Thessun Kingdom. In his youth, he was openly rebellious and prone to committing petty theft/vandalism. A heist gone awry finally gave him something more productive to do with his time. Specifically, he stole a shipment of books on their way out of the kingdom. He soon learned why they were leaving; no one in the kingdom wanted them. So, instead he decided to get some use out of them by reading them himself. Their contents sparked a life-long interest concerning the origins, behaviors, and anatomy of monsters, which came to a head during the cataclysm when ghouls plagued the kingdom.

Most Thessun Dwarves had distaste for this subject matter, since monsters (especially ghouls) were reviled. The prevailing sentiment was that studying them had no value since they ought to be killed on sight. This controversy was a part of what made the subject matter so attractive to Rurik, since it provided a legal way to fight against societal expectations. He learned to enjoy subversion through hard work and proper channels far more than he ever enjoyed an aimless life of crime. At the end of the day, he concluded that annoying clan elders was best achieved while also serving law and order.

Rurik’s uncanny knack for finding missing things and solving problems earned him some begrudging respect over the years. However, everything changed when someone sabotaged an important presentation of some groundbreaking findings. His data was tampered with and stolen, and his credibility was destroyed. This led to banishment, forcing him to take on a new name and a new life in Orinthal as a mercenary. Torr spends much of his free time searching for clues as to who tampered with his presentation, and why. He hopes one day to reclaim his name and his dignity.

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