Playable Podcasts: Engage the Audience

We were thrilled to host a panel for Gen Con online this year with Chaotic Anarchy with the Threadraiders. A group of podcasters bring their experience of running actual play, informational, and audio drama podcasts to stage, giving the audience insights, instructions, and ideas on podcasting.

In case you didn’t get to attend the event, you can access the recording on YouTube. 

We are so glad we got to answer so many questions! If you have any more, feel free to reach out to us on Twitter!

Chaotic Anarchy – @ChaoticAnarachy

Bethany Aguad – @BethanyAguad

Tony Aguad – @Tony_Aguad

Rachael Swertfeger – @rbswertfeger

Threadraiders Podcast – @ThreadRaiders

DnD RAW Podcast – @RulesAsWritten