Rules: Critical Success and Failure

We discuss the rules on Critical Success and Failures: With the rules so light on the subject, how do you treat it in your game? What spectacular things happen on a natural 1? We are joined by Francesco, of the Hapless Heroes podcast, a show set in the homebrew world of Telduria with a rotating cast of players and DMs who have an aptitude for rolling poorly.

Have you ever found yourself after a game of Dnd debating over a particular rule that came up and trying to figure out as a group how to break it? As a DM do you get that feeling of dread when your player says, “If you look at it this way?” Well we decided to turn that into a podcast. A group of DMs come together every episode as we discuss how, rules as written, we can figure out how to maximize what we can do with a rule and how we can use other rules to break the game.

Each episode we will be joined by a guest, including DMs from some of our favorite podcasts, get a sneak peek behind the DM screen from some of our favorite shows as they share their own thoughts and experiences on a particular rule and how it has affected their games.

Please feel free to jump in on our discussions by leaving us a comment on Podbean, iTunes, Googleplay, or Stitcher. Or feel free to email me at or send us a tweet to @rulesaswritten and let us know how the rule may have come up during one of your games or how you figured out a way to break the game that we did not discuss.


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