The Justice Crew

Our Podcasts of Foes One-Shot!

Meet The Justice Crew, Nyx the gnome warlock, Rikas the half-elf stone sorcerer, Chet the human fighter, Immeral the firbolg cleric, and Hera the eladrin ranger, rogue, fighter. The Justice Crew faces their most difficult challenge to date as they must save the high elven town of Alyabel from an experiment gone wrong. The party must deal with hordes of fiendish creatures if they want to save the day. Immeral heals the wounded, Chet blows up some enemies, Hera slays some fiends, Rikas smashes an orb, and Nyx rises up to meet the challenge! Thank you again to Victoria Rogers of the Broadswords podcast and Wizards of the Coast for including us as part of the Podcasts of Foes!

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