Xanathar’s Guide to EVERYTHING!

Are you excited about Xanathar’s Guide to Everything? I wanted to write this post after seeing that the table of contents that was released for Xanathar’s Guide to Everything.  I have to say both as a player and especially as a DM, I can’t wait for this book. The additional options for character classes look fantastic, and I want to dig in to see what sort of changes were made to the original Unearthed Arcana material. I have avoided spoilers for all of this since I know Jeremy Crawford and Mike Mearls have been releasing teasers for this on youtube, and I want to get everything fresh. The one thing I find particularly interesting is nearly all of the subclasses that we have picked for Orinthal from the Unearthed Arcana material is now going to be official Wizards of the Coast subclasses. They will be featuring the Way of the Kensai Monk, the Domain of the Grave Cleric, and the Inquisitive Rogue. Next up would just be to release the the official Mystic class.

It was the topics under the Dungeon Masters’ Tools that got me particularly excited to see if WOTC was going to be answering some of the questions I have had since I first started playing 5e. The first topic there had me laughing seeing as it relates to our very first episode of Rules as Written so I am curious to see what is brought up in relation to falling. Next relates to sleeping which I know I have seen on many discussion threads as to how passive perception works in relation to a sleeping creature. The last thing I am going to mention specifically with this is the topic of Adamantine Weapons which so far seem to be only useful in overcoming nonmagical resistances since it is considered a magical item. Maybe Adamantine Weapons are the only type of weapon that can overcome the inability to crit on a target in adamantine armor? Hopefully we shall see.

There seem to be so many other helpful tools and topics coming out in Xanathar’s Guide and I am really excited to see, and use, what WOTC has come out with. Please comment below with your own thoughts on Xanathar’s Guide, and don’t forget to come visit us in Orinthal.

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